Housing Help


Understanding housing allowances

As a tenant or a rommate in a residence managed by « Les Belles Années », you are eligible to receive a rent allowance (Allocation Logement à caractère Social) (ALS) from the Family Allowance Office (Caisse d'Allocations Familiales) (CAF).
The amount of the rent allowance varies according to:

  • the town where the residence is located
  • the rent
  • your income
  • your family situation

Payment of the rent allowance

You become eligible for your rent allowance on the first day of the month following your arrival in the apartment. For example, if you move into your new apartment on 5th September, your entitlement begins on 1st October and you will receive your rent allowance the following month, on 5th November.

Please note:

  • to receive the rent allowance the rental agreement must be under your name
  • the amount of the rent allowance is based on your income, not your parents’ income
  • if you are less than 25 years old, you can receive the rent allowance under your name but your parents will no longer receive any family allowance for you. So before making your application, compare the amount that you are likely to receive and the amount your parents will lose from the family allowance.

How to get the student rent allowance?

How can I get the application form?

  • go to your nearest Caisse d'Allocation Familiales (CAF) office, or
  • print it out from the internet using the website www.caf.fr

Required documents;

  • legible photocopy of your national ID card (both sides) or of your passport or of your birth certificate if you have French nationality
  • photocopy of your valid residency permit in other cases
  • Relevé d’identité bancaire or RIB (a printout of your bank account details from the bank) in your name
  • Document from the lessor PURE GESTION ETUDIANTS showing the amount of rent to be paid

When should I submit the application form?

To avoid losing any rent allowance payments you should submit your application as soon as the lease is signed.

Application forms downloaded from www.caf.fr mention the date of the request which is then used to calculate the starting date of the allowance.