How to book ?
Student rental life

Sign up or log in to your personal account (located at the top right corner on every page of the website)

  • To register, an email address and a password are required
  • You will then receive an email containing a confirmation link to validate your registration

Choice of accommodation

  • Once you’ve signed up to your personal space, you will be able to navigate freely on the website of “Les Belles Années” and choose the type of accommodation that suits you the most among all our residences.
    • You can save your favourite types of accommodation so that you can find them later on in your personal space. You just need to click on the heart at the top right of the thumbnail (picture) for each accommodation.
    • You can decide to book any type of accommodation directly by clicking on the reservation button at the bottom of the thumbnail. In this case, you will be redirected to your personal space to begin the process.

Submitting your tenancy file online

  • We will firstly invite you to fill in the details of the tenant (s) and their guarantors.
  • You can then add the official documents that will be requested directly to your personal space, which will allow you to validate the sending of your tenant file.
    Of course, as long as you have not sent your tenant file, you can go back at any time to make changes if necessary.
  • Once your tenant file sent, you will receive an email confirming its reception.
    You will then promptly receive a second email, informing you of the validation or rebuttal of your tenant file.

The electronic signature of the lease

  • The email that you will receive once your file has been accepted, will contain a link to the website of our provider YouSign.Through the latter, you and your potential roommates and guarantors can sign the lease electronically.
    The whole procedure is completely secure.

Access to the tenant space

  • Once the lease is signed by all participants, you can log in to your personal space as a tenant at Les Belles Années and access the following information:
    • Your lease contract and annexes (housing + parking)
    • Your rental receipts
    • The contact details of your steward
    • You can also pay your rent online by credit card or by direct debit