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My student life in better
Higher studies are a memorable period of life, and often a real turning point. The search for accommodation proves to be a key step in this process.
Average occupancy rate in 2019
+ 2 376
Rentals in 2019
student residences planned
for 2022
Home sweet home
France now has almost 2.59 million students - a record number that is on the rise. For the 1.6 million** of them who live away from home, the country has 375,000 spaces in student accommodation**, almost half of which is managed by public institutions.

In response to this shortage, « Les Belles Années » aim to offer students much more than accommodation. . Our residences offer them a secure place where they can peacefully study, meet each other, dream and succeed in this crucial stage of their lives.

*2016 CBRE survey, student housing in France. **Survey on Student living conditions - Observatoire national de la Vie Étudiante [French national student observatory]. 2015. ***Forecast enrolment in higher education for the 2016 to 2025 academic years - French ministry for higher education and research - April 2017.
The main part of our residences« Les Belles Années »
Carte de toutes les résidences LBA

Every city has its own character, history and wealth, and none of ours has been chosen randomly.

We took care to select the most dynamic cities for you.

Our residences are located close to universities, public transportation and shops.

They offer all the necessary services for a fullfilled student life !

The management of the company« Les Belles Années »
Benoit Dussud
Director « Les Belles Années »
Dora Dambrosio
President « Les Belles Années »
Claire Richert
Manager « Les Belles Années »

Nos référents « Les Belles Années »
Laurent M.
Referent North West
Colette P.
Referent South West
Fanny B.
Referent city of Lyon and Clermont-Ferrand
Anita H.
Referent South Est
Matthieu M.
Referent North Est
Our residence managers« Les Belles Années »
Angélique V.
Anthony M.
Béatrice C.
Younes B.
Anthony C.
Maïwenn L.
Florian I.
Kad M.
Mélissa S.
Jerome G.
Lorenzo T.
Sonia F.
Thibaut C.
Sunny M.
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It is also developing other businesses, all focused on property,
but each one dedicated to a specialised area. With this comprehensive
vision of housing solutions we can direct you towards the professionals
most suited tomeet your expectations, but also to prepare a strategy to allow you to benefit from several areas of expertise, and to offer you a customised solution.
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The Valeur & Capital Group covers the entire range of our clients' expectations in the fields of real estate and financial investment.

Each company has its own structure and unfolds around its own organizational chart. As in any ecosystem, each entity brings, receives and enriches the development of the company.

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