Our student apartments

« Les Belles Années »

Because every young student should have a comfortable place to stay,                                         « Les Belles Années » offer their tenants all modern lifestyle commodities, as well as a touch of refinement.

Apartments ready-to-live
Entirely furnished & equipped

Our completely furnished and equipped housing is fitted out so as to optimize at the most the living space and favor a fluid traffic.

Certain apartments adapt themselves perfectly to the colocation, in particular our housing with mezzanine. Designed with elegance, the internal arrangement of apartments integrates a choice of contemporary furniture matched with high-end and design materials. Comfort and esthetics so meet to protect you of beautiful years from studies. For one or two, choose the type of accommodation which is the best adapted to your lifestyle.

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Apartments which adapt themselves to your desires
Our types of apartments

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Apartment Studio / 1 br

Functional and economic

Our student studios feature a living room, equipped kitchenette and washroom. The functional kitchenette is fitted with two cooking hobs, a small refrigerator, microwave, sink and cupboards. As for furniture, the main room comes with a minimum of a pull-out bed, table, two chairs and a desk with storage space. Additional furniture could also be available depending on the residence.

Space is optimised in all accommodation: large wardrobes with sliding doors provide several storage areas. Lastly, the washroom features a shower, vanity unit, towel rack and WC.

small apartment

Apartment 1 br bis

A layout + comfortable

More spacious than the studios, our one-br plus student accommodation offers a broadly similar set-up, the difference being that they have a larger surface area which means the living space is separate from the kitchen area.

In some of our student residences one-br plus duplex accommodation is available, with the living/ kitchen area below and the bedroom on a mezzanine level.

apartment with separate bedroom

Apartment 2 br

1 separate bedroom...

Two-br apartments feature a living room with equipped kitchenette, a separate bedroom and washroom. In the living space/ kitchen, students are provided with a pull-out or sofa bed, desk, table and two chairs. In the bedroom, a single or double bed, depending on the residence, comes accompanied by bedside tables, another desk and two chairs. Spacious wardrobes make it easy to keep the apartment in order. 

apartment with mezzannine

Apartment 2 br Mezz. or Duplex

Apartments with multiple assets

In some of our student residences two-br plus duplex/ mezzanine accommodation is available. While they are broadly similar to classic two-br apartments, their bedrooms are on a separate floor. These apartments work well for flat shares.

apartment with two bedrooms

Apartment 3 br

Ideal for colocation
Perfectly suited for flat shares, our three-br apartments feature a living room with equipped kitchenette, two separate bedrooms and a washroom. The practical and functional kitchenette is fitted with two cooking hobs, a small refrigerator, microwave, sink, cupboards and a work surface. As for furniture, the apartments include everything you need. Both bedrooms come with a bed, desk with storage space, bedside tables, a chair and wardrobes. With regards to the living room/ kitchen area, this features a sofa bed and table for shared meals. All you have to do is pick your flatmate.
Their experiences at « Les Belles Années »

Functional housing
and neat aesthetics

An optimised
living and working space

Because students must be able to feel comfortable in their accommodation, « Les Belles Années » offers them all the conveniences necessary for their everyday life, with a touch of sophistication.

Fully furnished and equipped, the student housing managed by « Les Belles Années » is composed of studios, 2-room apartments or apartments with a mezzanine, ideal for house-shares.

The accommodation's elegant interior design combines a modern choice of furniture with high-end, designer materials.

The accommodation is carefully arranged to optimise the living space.

Photo studio
Logo art services & Logo LBA
A collaboration brining aesthetic and ambitious projects to life

In order to offer high-quality services, the Art Services companies has assisted « Les Belles Années » with the furnishing of the accommodation, since the beginning. We offer you the chance to read an interview with Jean-Claude Di Mercurio – Gérant de l’entreprise Art Services.

Table chaise
Could you give us an overview of your company?

Initially, the Art Services company was founded at the request of our clients to carry out maintenance and upkeep of the furniture and fixtures in residences, which I had been providing for a decade.

It quickly became clear that the residences only required minimal maintenance. We therefore focused on the study and completion of new and high-quality sites.

We then developed all the technical aspects of manufacture. The company is a family business, constantly on the lookout for products suited to its clients' projects.

How do you work with
« Les Belles Années »?

We have a very friendly working relationship with « Les Belles Années ».

We try to assist them as much as possible with technical aspects and requirements, from product design to installation and delivery. This enables them to focus on their building operation business and concentrate purely on the management.

At what point do you work
on the site?

We work on the site from the beginning. We regularly attend site meetings and ask the different contractors to adhere to the deadlines and requirements to allow the smooth delivery of the furniture.

We also ensure that all standards are implemented (electricity safety, etc.).

How is the furnishing process carried out
in student residences?

When the building is accepted by the manager, we work in accordance with a strict delivery schedule to ensure the site is not obstructed.

We organise all the logistics, assembly, installation and technical acceptance (plumbing, electricity of our products, compliance).