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Your student years are times of change: a desired freedom, greater independence, the first steps into adulthood... always with the need for a certain level of support for the post school transition.

As we’re well aware of what's at stake, Les Belles Années offers a concept which is completely tailored to student life. Our apartments are at the heart of the biggest cities, near to universities and accommodation is attractively furnished and comes with a range of available services: laundry, internet access, secure local bicycle hire, cafeteria, CCTV, Vigik system intercom and even a residence manager standing by to answer any questions and manage life’s daily rhythms...

And that’s not all: living in a Les Belles Années student residence means making up part of a genuine community. There are regular events organised by the residence manager in the common room a great way to make friends!

Our student residences Lyon

Taking first prize among the best places to study, Lyon certainly has no shortage of strengths. As well as a multitude of training programmes for business, chemistry or even IT, it combines the advantages of a large metropolitan city with varied neighbourhoods and an exceptional quality of life. Choose from our 7 residences in Lyon and Villeurbanne!

Our student residence in Angers

A youthful city with almost 40,000 students, Angers stands among the best cities to study in. With so many training options on offer as well as multiple student schemes, a rich student life makes Angers the ideal place to study.

Our student residence in Toulon

Located in one of the most beautiful harbours in Europe, Toulon is home to almost 15,000 students. Its coastal location, sun-kissed climate and initiatives designed for the young enable them to really make the most of their student days...

Our student residences Lille-Roubaix

Regular festivities, a relaxed way of life and welcoming locals... welcome to Lille! This student city par excellence attracts youth with its numerous higher education establishments and its quality of life. Located within easy reach of Lille’s European train station, less than 20 minutes by tramway.

Our student residences Toulouse

Coming in second among France’s best cities for studying, Toulouse has a lot going for it: the diversity of courses, cultural offerings, an excellent transport network and the range of student schemes make it the ideal place to study.

Our student residences Orléans

A young, entrepreneurial city, Orléans is carving out a reputation on the world stage for its university. Its much-lauded heritage, convivial atmosphere and squares dotted with welcoming terraces create a wonderful place to live...

Our student residence in Marseille

With its appealing lifestyle, Marseille draws in some 70,000 students. You can’t hold it against them: who wouldn’t dream of going for a dip in the sea after a long day of classes or making the most of its exceptional cultural offerings.

Our student residences Montpellier

Ranking fourth among France’s best cities for studying, Montpellier is much loved by its young residents thanks to a full student life and numerous higher education institutions. What’s more, the city boasts an enviable quality of life given its Mediterranean climate and exceptional surroundings overlooking the sea...

Our student residence in Mulhouse

As the second youngest city in France, Mulhouse is home to 3 campuses and numerous institutions such as the the Higher Textiles Institute and the Higher School of Art.

Our student residences Rennes

Ranked as the fifth best city for studies, Rennes is home to an impressive range of training programmes and renowned institutions. The city has expanded the number of initiatives aimed at improving the quality of student life with festivals, parties and other events running all year long.

Our student residences Bordeaux

With an enjoyable quality of life and wonderful cultural offerings, Bordeaux ranks among France’s best metropolitan hubs. It also measures up against the best student cities. And for good reason: it is home to large, reputable institutions, numerous initiatives such as the youth card and the back to school festival or even the practical transport network serving all districts even outside the city centre.

Our student residences Clermont-Ferrand

Ranked as France's 8th best city in which to study in 2015, Clermont-Ferrand is home to almost 35,000 students. At the heart of Auvergne, this youthful, innovative and dynamic city provides the ideal cultural and academic environment for any young person drawn in by its varied and comprehensive training options.

Our student residences Amiens

Close to Paris and a pleasant place to live given its more human scale, Amiens is home to 29,000 students out of 162,000 residents. A festive student city, the “little Venice of the north” offers a warm and hospitable lifestyle full of cultural events.

Our student residence in Nantes

Dynamic, young and attractive, Nantes is a city on the up. A renown and diverse university hub, it attracts almost 53,000 students who contribute to this booming city’s vibrant energy.

Our student residence in Rouen

A pleasant place to live and close to Paris, Rouen is a dynamic city which offers its 110,000 residents a rich history and heritage. Almost 26,000 students have chosen to study at its university and numerous higher education institutions.

Our student residence in Tours

Tours welcomes around 28,000 students in higher education each year. The city offers a wide range of degrees through its universities and "grandes écoles". Our student residence is located in the Montjoyeux district and offers 22 studios for rent.

Our student residences Paris

Our student residence in Nancy

Nancy welcomes 60,000 students each year. It has one of the largest university centers in France. We have chosen to locate our residence a 15-minute walk from the Nancy Faculty of Science.

Our student residence in Dijon

Dijon city offers 400 formations in its University and "Grandes Ecoles". Our student residence is located in "Drapeau Avenue", which is only a few minutes walk from ESC Dijon and Science Po.